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Membership Details - The Association of IB World Schools in Pakistan

Membership Details

Categories of Membership:



IB World Schools and IBO affiliate institutions or organizations located in the defined geographical region are all automatically institutional members of MESA provided they meet the guidelines for membership. Each Institutional member shall be represented by an individual from that school who shall be nominated by the institutional Head, as per records of MESA, to represent the institution at MESA. The individual appointed to represent the school shall hold that position for the calendar year or, in the case of a member of the Executive Committee, for a two year period. Each institutional member has ONE vote to exercise.


Associate membership may be granted to institutions, organizations who are not IB World Schools or individuals interested in supporting the aims of MESA, by a simple majority of voting representatives at a regular MESA meeting. Any school nominated for Associate Membership must be proposed and seconded by nominees of institutional members. An Associate Member will have access to full school membership rights except for voting rights at the Annual General Meeting and the right to have a school representative on or to be elected to the Executive Committee.


Term of Membership:

The term of membership shall be annual from September 1 through August 31.


Membership Fee:

The amount of the annual membership fee for schools shall be determined by the Executive Committee of the Association, and shall be communicated in writing to all school members. The annual membership fee shall be paid in any year to the Secretary/Treasurer by a date determined by the Executive Committee.


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